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We provide a host of value-added services to our customers:

  • We provide tailored training for your staff, key customers and partner organizations.
  • We’ll work with you to ensure that our systems provide the best value from the design stage through their full service life.
  • We provide replacement, factory calibrated sensor modules, so that you can keep your customers, or your own sites safe. You can return the sensor modules that you remove for credit, thereby saving costs and waste along the value stream.
  • All of our manuals are maintained on our website, no matter how old they are.

We provide customized solutions for each type of stakeholder.

  • Manufacturer representatives and resellers: we appreciate the time and investment it takes to understand the complexities of gas detection and we work with you to help you be successful within your region and learn about how your counterparts have achieved success in other regions with our solutions
  • System integrators and contractors: We will work with you to develop the best solution from our unparalleled array of sensor-transmitters, controller/monitors and accessories
  • Property managers and Government clients: We’re here to provide the service you need, when and how you need it. Whether it be responding to an emergency call, commissioning equipment, repairing it, calibrating it on an as needed basis or according to a multi-year contract, helping you to plan your multi-year maintenance plan, building multi-year capital budgets, we’ll provide you with the solution you need.
  • OEMs: Our solutions, in particular the array of products on our new platform, are designed in a modular fashion to be easily integrated into your offering. The hardware and firmware blocks have been designed to allow us to easily update the latest technology without having to redesign a product for you.


Armstrong’s vision is to continue enhancing our leadership position in the gas detection industry through an increasing range of research and knowledge advancement.

Working with suppliers on this research allows win-win outcomes for both our customers and suppliers

  • We provide concrete feedback on prototypes to suppliers, allowing us to stay at the leading edge of technology, while helping our suppliers.
  • We have also been conducting long term research in our lab, and using field service data for years. Given the breadth of applications that our equipment supports and the wide range of sites that our Field Service group supports we can provide our suppliers with long term research data on how sensor elements perform under different conditions through time.


The importance of gas detection for both safety and environmental preservation is reflected in building codes that require gas detection where toxic or combustible gases are present. However, the science of gas detection is not generally well understood and there are no regulations on how the systems must be maintained. This is particularly important given that it is well known that sensors degrade through time.

The gas detection industry really only started to evolve in the 1980s (with Armstrong at the forefront of development), and there has since been an explosion of sensing technologies. However, it is only with extensive research and data logging over the last several years that we have been able to quantify the factors that influence the degradation of the accuracy of gas concentration estimates.

We are eager to share our knowledge and partners with all organizations in the gas detection industry and invite any interested parties to reach out to us.

How can Armstrong Monitoring help you?

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