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Homeland Security

For organizations around the world involved in cross border shipments, stowaways can present an increasingly costly problem.  Above and beyond basic security issues, under current law, carriers often become liable for a fine, plus the stowaway’s housing, food, healthcare, supervision, legal representation and repatriation costs.

All around the world there are many organizations and companies that have a need for a portable and effective system to detect stowaways, escapees, or anyone hidden inside any container or other confined space.

The Armstrong Monitoring AMC-CD-2 Human Occupancy Detector  has been developed to detect the presence of humans in confined spaces like shipping containers, enclosed rail cars, tractor trailers, automobiles, etc. It has been used with great success by immigration authorities throughout North America, Central America and Europe to detect unauthorized personnel attempting to cross international borders illegally.

By sampling carbon dioxide (CO2) levels within shipping containers, inspectors have an inexpensive and straightforward tool to alert them to the potential of stowaways within the containers, and further steps can be taken to investigate.

Carbon dioxide monitoring can provide increased security and safety in an easy to use, quick, and inexpensive package.

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