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 Ethylene Oxide

Gas Name: 
 Ethylene Oxide
Chemical Formula: 


Oxirane, Epoxyethane, 1,2-Epoxyethane, Dimethylene oxide

Product Uses, Sources & Applications

Ethylene oxide is a manufactured chemical that is used for the production of ethylene glycol, an intermediary to an array of commercial and consumer products such as plastics, detergents and antifreeze. It is also used as a sterilizing agent for medical supplies and as a fumigant in agriculture. Ethylene oxide may be seen in applications such as:

  • Chemical production in manufacturing facilities
  • Sterilization of equipment in laboratories and hospitals
  • Fumigation of crops in agriculture


Short Term (15-minute STEL*):
5 ppm
Long-term (8-hr TWA*):
1 ppm
*Based on OSHA regulation. Always consult local regulations directly.
Lower Explosive Limit (LEL):
3.0% by volume
NIOSH Pocket Guide:
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Physical Properties

Appearance and Odor:
Colorless with a sweet, ether-like odor
Relative Density (air = 1.0):


Sensor Type:
Standard Range:
0-10 ppm
Standard Trip Points:
1 ppm, 3 ppm
Recommended Sensor Mounting Height:
12 – 18” AFF

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