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As a Canadian company we recognize that arenas are a particularly important part of our society, and a place where people spend countless hours throughout the spring, fall, and winter. They also are a great example of a more complex application that brings together a variety of the hazards we guard against in other areas, including for multiple toxic and combustible gases.

General Recommendations

The most common hazard we see in arenas come from the ammonia (NH3) chillers used in the ice plants. Electrochemical sensors are required to ensure accurate monitoring at regulatory levels. In ammonia gas detection applications, sensors should be mounted at or near the ceiling. Alarm indication should be both in the room, as well as outside any entrance to the mechanical room. Detection systems for arena mechanical rooms must meet the requirements laid out under CSA B52 or ASHRAE 15, depending on where they are located.

We will also typically see combustible gas monitoring (typically either propane or methane) required in the area where the ice resurfacing machines are stored. It is not uncommon for the combustible gas sensor to require explosion-proof approvals.

We will also monitor for the exhaust from the ice resurfacing machine, which for either propane or natural gas (CH4) would be carbon monoxide. In some facilities they have extended the coverage of the CO detection system to also include the stands and common areas adjacent to the ice surface.

Equipment Recommendations

The AMC-1AREF monitor is ideally suited for monitoring mechanical rooms, and is recommended in this application for use with the AMC-VersaTox NH3 transmitter, and the appropriate AMC-RAM-4 modules inside the chiller room and at each entrance to it.

For the ice resurfacing room we typically recommend the AMC-1A Series monitor with an on-board CO sensor and a remote combustible sensor, such as the AMC-360 Series.

If monitoring the area around the ice surface the AMC-1AD Series monitors with AMC-1228-20s sensor modules provide a reliable yet cost-effective option.

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