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Swimming Pools

When designing detection systems for indoor pool facilities we are generally guarding against two potential issues; the chlorine room and potentially boiler room if using natural gas to heat the pool.


General Recommendations

The way we recommend addressing the chlorine room is very similar to how we would treat other mechanical rooms for refrigerants or ammonia, in that we want the system to be able to alert anyone in the room of an issue, but also provide a warning against entry outside each door into the room.

Equipment Recommendations

If the design is intent on treating the chlorine room the same as we would other mechanical spaces then AMC-1AREF Series monitors are an economical option that provide all the required functionality for this application. Paired with AMC-297-B series chlorine sensor/transmitter and the appropriate AMC-RAM-4 remote alarm modules, we can tailor a solution specific to individual pool locations.

If there is a boiler room at the location then we would typically recommend supplying our AMC-1A Series monitor with an on-board CO sensor, and a remote AMC-3618 or AMC-CSA-CAT to monitor for natural gas.

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