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Armstrong Monitoring (AMC), an Ottawa based, ISO-9001 registered manufacturer of high quality gas sensing equipment, prides itself in meeting the needs its customers.

Since its inception, Armstrong has worked in concert with industry and leading research organizations in the design and commercialization of innovative new technologies and products for a wide range of applications.  Armstrong’s diverse product line features equipment designed to detect and monitor an extensive list of gases including CO, NOxO2 and combustible gases, such as hydrogenpropanemethane and methanol, plus a variety of exotic species.  Equipment choices range from simple, building block sensor elements and transmitters, to complete, integrated, turnkey systems.

In January, 1981 Armstrong Monitoring Corporation sprung from Leak-X Corp.  Named after our founder, Lawrence J. Armstrong, the company was launched with an emphasis on the budding hazardous gas detection market.

For over 30 years Armstrong has manufactured a highly dependable and cost effective line of detection equipment. We are proud to say that much of that equipment is still in service today.

In 1984 AMC’s service department was established, and has developed into a respected multi-vendor service group, offering both factory and field service with global reach.

In 2004 Armstrong Monitoring was acquired by a group of successful local investors from Ottawa’s technology sector. The new ownership group has worked to streamline the product offering and simplify the manufacturing process.

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