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We take our commitment to our customers very seriously, and we continually strive to deliver industry leading products, service, and support.

Here's what some of our customers have to say on how we're doing:

Trudy W

from Ottawa, ON Canada
"Over our 4 years in business, we have completely enjoyed the level of service we’ve received from Armstrong Monitoring. They are staffed with technically knowledgeable, genuinely helpful sales people who will all go out of their way to ensure the highest level of service possible. We’ve consistently challenged them with our product requirements and pushed for improved delivery. In all cases Armstrong Monitoring have delivered to such a high standard that we keep going back to them. I strongly recommend Armstrong to anyone who inquires."

Wendy W

from Dartmouth, NS Canada
"We have been AMC reps for over 20 years and have had great success with their gas monitoring equipment. We have successful installations with large municipalities, small municipalities, and even garages. Armstrong's knowledgeable staff assists with typical installations and also very unusual applications"

Mike S

from Ottawa, ON Canada
"Very reliable company. When work is required they are very accommodating and always provide solutions. We have found their equipment to be very reliable, and the staff is knowledgeable, well trained, and friendly"

Jay M

from Barrie, ON Canada
"I work for an organization containing many building structures spread over a large area of land, set in an urban environment. Our function is education; we train people for many trades such as welders, automotive repair technicians, industrial painters, etc. The facilities Armstrong Monitoring maintain for us are quite multi functional as well. We have toxic gas monitoring equipment in about 30 different structures within our complex.

Armstrong Monitoring has held our annual inspection and calibration contract for the past five years. Over that time I have been the primary contact between my company and Armstrong. Much of the existing gas monitoring equipment we have is dated, and requires skillful competent inspection and calibration to ensure a safe working environment. Armstrong’s technicians have proven their abilities in maintaining our older equipment and have responded to emergency call requests in a timely manner. They advised me when it was necessary to replace dated or failing equipment and on what areas might require additional protection due to the changing products that our people could be exposed to. They also informed me on changes regarding regulations pertinent to the environments protected by the equipment. I have been very impressed by the personal and professional service they have provided."

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